Best Countertop Materials for Bathrooms

The bathroom is the go-to place for most people in Metro Detroit to relax after a long day. Nothing sets the mood for the bathroom like the countertop. You can elevate your bathroom to a whole new level with suitable countertop material.

Choosing the best bathroom countertop material can be daunting with the various options. Today, homeowners are looking for bathroom countertops that can make a statement. Here is a list of the top bathroom countertop materials that can increase your home's curb appeal.


Homeowners have different tastes and preferences. If you’re looking for a material that can give your prefabricated countertop a fresh and rich look, marble is your choice. The luxurious natural stone comes in a variety of colors and has different looks.

Granite is durable and resists stains, scratches, and heat, making it among the most popular bathroom countertops. However, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket since its costs are higher than other materials. Granite has a natural beauty and appearance that are hard to resist.


Most residential bathroom remodelers prefer using marble as it provides timeless elegance. It is a material that has been used for thousands of years and comes in unique colors and patterns. Marble is resistant to cracking, breaking, and scratches and lasts over 100 years.

Regarding marble bathroom countertops, you can select from the beautiful colors it presents that match your décor. Marble is not as hard as granite, but if the countertops are well-maintained, they can last a while.


Homeowners seek low maintenance countertops. At the same time, they want bathroom countertop trends that will ensure they keep up with the latest housing trends. Quartzite is less expensive compared to marble and granite.

The good thing about quartzite countertops is that they do not need sealing or waxing. You can clean quartzite with water and soap. Quartzite countertops are the best budget-friendly remodeling option for homeowners seeking to bring the natural stone feel to their homes at affordable rates.


Regarding bathroom countertops MetroDetroit, laminate is gaining traction in the industry, becoming the go-to option for remodeling contractors. Laminate is affordable and comes in various finishes to suit your tastes and preferences. It is simple to maintain and a perfect fit for budget-conscious homeowners.

With laminate, you only need soap and water to clean. However, it is non-porous, but it is relatively water and stain resistant. Laminate’s ability to withstand heat has improved over the years, making it worth your remodeling journey.


The majority of homeowners prefer tiles for their bathroom materials. Tiles can be used on various areas in the bathroom, such as the floors, shower walls, backsplashes, or countertops, making them budget-friendly.

If you’re a homeowner who loves playing around with colors and finishes, tiles are your best choice. Tiles can be laid in various patterns using varying colors to add oomph to your bathroom. You can be spoilt for choice, choosing from the most straightforward designs to more complex mosaic designs, depending on what you’re looking for.

To increase the durability of the tiles, you can glaze them on top and use grout to cover up the in-between spaces. An upside of tiles is that they’re easier to install and repair than other materials. However, they need routine cleaning and maintenance.


Homeowners who love wood understand how difficult it is to maintain it. For wood bathroom countertops, you must seal them well since they are porous and can be easily damaged by water. However, wood brings a rustic feeling to your home, which is inviting by nature.

Other than its natural and unique look, wood is eco-friendly. It also gives you various design options to play around with. When working with wood bathroom countertops, it is essential to remember they are prone to scratches, stains, and moisture damage, requiring extra care.


Natural stone is more popular among most homeowners compared to soapstone. However, soapstone is slowly finding its way into the housing industry for modern bathroom remodeling.

With different tastes and preferences, some homeowners are not intrigued by the whorls, swirls, and crystals surrounding the granite. Some people want their bathroom countertops plain and simple. Such natural simplicity can be derived from soapstone.

You don’t have to seal the soapstone; it can last between 20-80 years. Like most preferred countertops, it is easy to clean and maintain and is naturally resistant to staining. You don’t have to seal it; it comes in different dark shades of black, blue, green, gray, etc.


Depending on a homeowner’s needs, concrete bathroom countertops are a new trend gaining steam in many homes. Concrete can work well in bathrooms in Metro Detroit since it is durable and long-lasting. If sealed, it becomes water resistant, making it a preferred choice for bathroom countertops.

Concrete bathroom countertops have natural gray shades, which appeal to most homeowners. The countertops allow you to play around with pigments to add a range of color choices to bring out the eye-catching feature. You don’t have to worry about wear and tear with concrete, unlike other materials such as granite and marble.

Tempered glass

Glass countertops are functional and, at the same time, works of art. Depending on your preference, you can paint artistic designs on your countertop to match your bathroom décor. You can also incorporate other unique designs, like crushed glass in acrylic, to suit your modern bathroom design.

Regarding styles and textures, glass is the best material since you can be spoilt for choice. Tempered glass countertops are highly durable and do not stain or discolor over time. They can last for more than a century and are easy to clean.

Final Thoughts

If done right, bathroom countertops can give your home a new and exciting feel. Selecting a suitable countertop can be overwhelming with the many materials that exist. You may need a help of a professional to help you settle on the perfect bathroom countertop.

At AP Marble & Granite, we have more than two decades of experience providing residents of Detroit with varying alternatives concerning countertop materials. We work with premier stones, including marble, granite, soapstone, quartzite, etc. Contact our experts for consultation and advice on suitable materials for your bathroom countertop.

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