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Discover the Allure of Onyx in Michigan

Onyx, a gemstone renowned for its translucent qualities and unique veining, is a testament to nature's artistry. Our curated collection of onyx countertops showcases a spectrum of breathtaking colors and patterns, allowing you to create a space that exudes opulence and refinement.

Why Choose Onyx?

  • Translucent Beauty: Onyx's inherent translucency allows it to play with light, creating an ethereal and luminous ambiance in any space.
  • Distinctive Veining: Each onyx slab is a work of art, with intricate veining patterns that add a touch of uniqueness to every countertop.
  • Luxurious Appeal: Elevate your home or commercial space with the luxurious appeal of onyx, turning ordinary surfaces into extraordinary focal points.

Unparalleled Quality and Craftsmanship

At AP Marble & Granite, we are committed to delivering onyx countertops of the highest quality. Our slabs undergo rigorous selection processes, ensuring that only the finest onyx makes its way to your project. With precision craftsmanship, our experts cut and polish each slab to perfection, ensuring durability and a lasting visual impact.

Bring Your Vision to Life

The versatility of onyx allows for limitless design possibilities. Whether you're envisioning a captivating kitchen island, a luxurious bathroom vanity, or a statement piece in a commercial space, our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in bringing your design dreams to life.

Experience Excellence with AP Marble & Granite

Discover the unparalleled beauty of onyx countertops at AP Marble & Granite. Explore our extensive natural stone collection, visualize the possibilities, and let us guide you through the process of transforming your space. Contact us today to schedule a visit to our showroom or inquire about our onyx slab offerings. Elevate your design journey with the timeless elegance of onyx from AP Marble & Granite.

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WE Deliver to these areas

AP's standard delivery is from the Upper Peninsula to both Indiana and Ohio however we have taken material beyond these states for suppliers, fabricators and various clients.

  • Mount Clemens
  • Broad Acres
  • Cady
  • Fraser
  • Harrison Township
  • Waldenburg
  • Sterling Heights
  • Anchor Bar Shores
  • Roseville
  • Saint Clair Shores
  • Utica
  • Chesterfield
  • Macomb
  • SAint Clair Haven
  • Sebille Manor
  • Anchor Bay Gardens

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