Fireplace Surround Ideas in 2023

This article discusses the materials and options that work best for your fireplace. Indeed, there are dozens of patterns, colors, and textures you can experiment with to match your interior design style and bring out the aesthetics of your fireplace.

Natural stone is an excellent fireplace surround material with versatile applications. Indeed, there are dozens of patterns, colors, and textures you can experiment with to match your interior design style and bring out the aesthetics of your fireplace. Besides, stones like soapstone, granite, and marble are durable and tolerant of heat and scratches. They can withstand the rigors of making a fireplace the focal point of a room. Then, here are six natural stone fireplace surround ideas you can use to remodel and transform your home: -

Granite Fireplace Surround

A granite fireplace surround adds a traditional, warm charm to your living space. And, if you are remodeling or building a wood-burning or gas fireplace, consider using granite for the project. Granite is durable, scratch-resistant, heat-tolerant, and easy to maintain. Likewise, it retails in versatile options, including Agatha Leather, Amazonite, Black Forest, and Calacatta Macchia Vecchia.

Install Azul Nova granite of 3 cm thickness to give your fireplace surround a brick appearance and extra depth. Add some drama and dimension by opting for a three-sided fireplace. The granite fireplace surround looks stunning from all sides. Plus, it retains its color and luster to save you on maintenance costs.

Marble Fireplace Surround

Are you on a flexible budget? If so, opt for the slightly more expensive marble fireplace surround for that timeless appeal. Marble is an age-old and dense material with exceptional color variations. Indeed, you can select Black Magic for a modern architectural finish.Or, opt for Utopia marble that blends in well with a golden, brown, beige, grey, or white interior decor.

Add a mirror opposite the marble fireplace surround to echo its bold touches. Surround the fireplace with artwork and books. Better still; accent the fireplace with decorative wooden baubles and get into a festive mood.

Onyx Fireplace Surround

Onyx has unique translucent qualities that make it ideal for versatile applications. Most interior designers and homeowners love this semi-precious stone for its delicate and sensitive appearance. It creates a luxurious and stunning splash back that adds value to your home.

Moreover, the location of your onyx fireplace surround is crucial to bringing out its aesthetic power. For example, if you have a fireplace in your bathroom, opt for an onyx surround to accent and energize the wall. Use Lady Onyx to add sparkle and eclectic color to your elegant bathroom. Or, if you prefer Maldive, manipulate it to inject value and upgrade your bathroom. You may add fiber glass at the base of the surround to strengthen its delicate structure.

Porcelain Fireplace Surround

Porcelain is an affordable and easy-to-use ceramic material that is great for a fireplace surround. It can transform a dull fireplace into an eye-catching focal point in the room. Here, select the bold Arabescato Vaglia porcelain to create a vintage finish. Or, go for the darker Arabescato Fine for luxury and simplicity.

Next, if your non-functional fireplace requires expensive repairs, opt for a porcelain fireplace surround to minimize the costs. Despite its low cost, porcelain is durable, stylish, and blends well with most interior design themes. And it is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers to install the fireplace surround as a DIY project.

Quartzite Fireplace Surround

Quartz is an incredibly strong material cut from natural quartz crystals. Hence, it is a durable and versatile mineral requiring little or no maintenance. When used on a fireplace, the quartzite attains a domineering presence in the living space. Besides, fabricators can get the stone in exact colors for their unique quartzite fireplace surrounds.

Then, we recommend Alexandria, Andes, Azzur, or Black Fantasy Leather. Alexandria quartzite slabs have translucent and unique subtle tones, creating an exotic appeal. And the dark Black Fantasy Leather stone exudes sophistication and style. You can polish the quartzite fireplace surround to add shine to its dramatic veining.

Soapstone Fire Surround

Are you building a fireplace for the winter? If so, use a soapstone fire surround to retain as much heat as possible. Indeed, soapstone has a low thermal expansion, making it less susceptible to cracks during erratic weather. Instead, it saves energy by retaining most of the heat to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the cold season.  

A black soapstone fire surround blends well with modern or traditional decor. Tap into its stormy depths by installing it next to an aquatic backdrop. Or, add it to a kids' room as a decorative fireplace. It is easy to clean and harbors no germs. Another soapstone alternative is the Blue Silk Soapstone of 3 cm thickness. Like black soapstone, this dense material will accentuate your water fountains and indoor fish ponds. Its earthy blue hue has a varying softness that is easy to maintain.

Additional Tips for Installing Fireplace Surround Ideas

Here are additional tips to get the most out of your choice of fireplace surround materials: -

●     Decide the style you want for your fireplace surround. Is it modern, traditional, contemporary, or daring? Your choice will guide you in picking the best fireplace surround materials for the project.

●     Ensure the fireplace surround materials adhere to the National FireCode. Granite, marble, onyx, porcelain, quartzite, and soapstone are non-combustible and require no additional protection.

●     Know the size and shape of your room. Ideally, the fireplace surround should rise up to halfway or two-thirds the height of the room. Still, you can use a floor-to-ceiling fireplace surround design. Add shelves to each side to create a personal touch. Also, the fireplace surround should look balanced when installed on the chimney breast.

●     Combine your fireplace surround idea with a TV wall idea to create harmony and enhance limited spaces.

●     Use your natural stone fireplace surround ideas to introduce patterns in a plain scheme. Indeed, the earthy granite, marble, onyx, porcelain, quartzite, and soapstone colors add an exciting twist to a rather dull wall.

Final Thoughts

Installing a fireplace surround is an excellent way to build a fireplace from scratch, revive a non-functional one, and add style to your living space. Moreover, your choice of materials will dictate the finish and how it blends with the rest of your decor. Natural stones like granite, marble, onyx, and quartzite present a durable, colorful, and functional option for your fireplace surround.

These stones can withstand heat and poor handling in high-traffic areas. They are easy to install and maintain. Besides, they retail at varying price points to suit different budgets.  

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