Most Popular Quartzites to Use in Your Next Remodel Project

If you are remodelling your home and wondering which quartzite you should go with, you are on the right page.

There are few natural stones in the world as charming and visually arresting as quartzite. With its dazzling display of colors and its dizzying blend of patterns—thanks to its crystalline structure that reflects light—quartzite is pleasing to the eyes and has a mesmerizing effect on the mind.


It's this that makes natural stone an excellent option for use in kitchens and bathrooms and why you see more and more quartzite in metro Detroit homes, hotels, and restaurants.

If you are remodeling your home and wondering which quartzite you should go with, you are on the right page. Here, you will find the five most popular quartzite trends that are not going to slow down anytime soon.

Quartz vs. Quartzite: What's the difference?

There is a common misconception out there that quartz and quartzite stones are one and the same. While not exactly apples and oranges, there are still a handful of differences that set quartz and quartz apart.


●     Quartzites are formed deep in the earth and are 100% natural stones. Quartz, on the other hand, is synthetic.

●     Quartzites are mined, heated, pressurized, and then cut into sheets like marble or granite, but quartz is manufactured in factories by bonding crushed quartzite stone chips with resins and pigments.

●     Quartzite is purer than quartz. It has 85–90% more quartz and is considered to have the largest concentrations of silica.


Quartzite is a tad bit more versatile owing to its hardness combined with calmer, subtler finishes. If you want to infuse some flourishes of natural elegance into your living spaces, then quartzite can do that for you. Here are the popular quartzite trends in 2024 to get you started:

Hypnose Quartzite

Quartzites with reflective surfaces and uneven patterns are one of the most popular quartzite trends this year. And the Hypnose quartzite, in particular, is quite the hot favorite among millennials and the Gen-Z crowd.

Its colors are soft, and its patterns are richly textured. It has meandering smudges of gray and beige that sprawl in a chaotic manner to evoke a sense of timeless sophistication. You would be surprised at how well this quartzite blends with kitchen cabinets of darker hues when used in access platforms and countertops.

But Hypnose’s allure isn’t limited to kitchens alone. This exquisite quartzite, with its soft and natural look, is one of the best countertop materials for bathrooms. It can make the air in your bathrooms more relaxing and transform your outdoor patios into places of tranquility and relaxation.

White Santorini Quartzite


The White Santorini quartzite fits the bill perfectly if you are targeting an airy space with contemporary interiors. Where Hypnose was about finding a bold contrast with your decor, White Santorini looks to create a pleasantly warm and inviting interior.

With irregular gray veins streaking across a creamy white background, the White Santorini quartzite is supremely versatile. It can sit in perfect harmony with most decor styles and color themes but is particularly dazzling when paired with warmer shades of wood. Kitchen countertops and dining tabletops laden withWhite Santorini or the similar Yosemite Falls can be absolute showstoppers with the right lighting and positioning.


If you want something exciting but also want to play it safe, this quartzite is worth considering. There is a reason whyWhite Santorini is a wildly popular quartzite in metro Detroit: you can’t really go wrong with this one.

Mandark Quartzite

If playing it safe is unbecoming of your lifestyle, then the gorgeous Mandark quartzite is right up your alley. Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing motion of frothing ocean waves on a dark, starry night, Mandark weaves a captivating contrast between light and dark colors. It adds an instant sense of drama when paired with lighter decor, such as pristine white kitchen walls or bathroom tiles, for instance.

While monochrome palettes are where the Mandark largely shines the brightest, it wouldn’t be out of place in a variety of other color schemes and designs. Because its unique patterns and textures tell a story of their own, Mandark looks just as stunning on a bathroom vanity as it would on a statement wall.

Calacatta Veneto Quartzite

Another natural stone that is dominating the latest quartzite trends in metro Detroit is the stunning Calacatta Veneto quartzite. With a white background speckled with dots of grey and gold, this understated yet luxurious quartzite will feel right at home in traditional and royal settings.

You can pair the Calacatta Veneto with dark cabinets or a contrasting backsplash to add brightness or style to your kitchen. Or you can use it to create a dazzling spa-like atmosphere in your bathrooms. Your bathroom will look more airy and spacious from the light bouncing off the stone, while the quartzite’s freckled texture will complement brass or gold fixtures if you have them.

How about bringing this quartzite into your living areas? A fireplace surround made from Calacatta Veneto will instantly make living spaces feel brighter, cozier, and more glamorous. You can even get creative with it and use it to accent your walls or your flooring to amplify the feeling of sleek sophistication and refined luxury.

Jasper Quartzite

Jasper quartzite is slabbed from a metamorphic rock. It has a rich red, brown, or green color and a distinctive pattern of veins and swirls. Because of its unusual patterns, it instantly becomes the focal point of the room, drawing attention to its arresting appearance. What also helps is that Jasper quartzite is extremely pleasing to the eyes.

Depending on where you are going to use it, Jasper quartzite can be polished for a glossy finish or honed for a matte look. It fits snugly into a playful, chic decor that emphasizes a laidback lifestyle while infusing a feeling of coziness into the surroundings.

A word of caution, however. Colors among different slabs of the same quartzite tend to vary, but in the case of Jasper quartzite, the difference can be night and day. So we recommend paying extra attention to the slabs you are using for remodeling.

That’s a wrap on the five most popular quartzite trends in Detroit. The quartzites featured on this list are only to get your imagination running. If nothing here has caught your fancy, you can head over to our catalog of quartzites and browse it.

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