Granite, Marble, Quartz & Stone Slabs in Birmingham, MI

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Granite, Marble, Quartz & Stone Slabs in Birmingham, MI

Wholesale Stone Slabs in Birmingham, Michigan

Do you love seeing marble, granite, quartz, and quartzite slabs in Birmingham, Michigan homes? Do you envy friends who have them? Maybe you long for the time when you will have one too. That day might not be far off once you've visited the best stone supplier near Birmingham, Michigan: AP Marble & Granite, Inc.

We have some terrific stone surfaces for your imagination to run away with!

Granite Slabs Near Birmingham, Michigan — and More Great Stone

You might ask yourself where to find granite slabs in Birmingham, Michigan. But what about marble slabs in Birmingham, Michigan. We have those and more. Traditional stone quartz and fabricated quartzite slabs near Birmingham, Michigan are all the rage these days.

But what all can you do with quartz slabs in Birmingham, Michigan, plus all the other stones we offer? We know that everyone adores a stone supplier near Birmingham, Michigan, who can provide the best kitchen or bathroom countertops. But stone slabs also make great conversation pieces as end tables and coffee tables.

Take your pick — we're sure to have something you like!

Yes, We Deliver Quartzite Slabs to Burlington, Michigan!

Our customers often worry about how they'll get their chosen stone slab to its destination, whether it's a home or workplace. We realize that you or your contractor have the option of transporting your new stone slab to your home or business near Birmingham, Michigan. We also can deliver your new purchase directly to you. Just ask!

At AP Marble & Granite, Inc., we deliver product quality and customer service every day. So we would be thrilled to deliver your new granite or marble slab in Burlington, Michigan, or the surrounding area.

Praise From Customers

"I loved my experience with AP. Michelle and Dennis went above and beyond helping me find my perfect quartzite slab for my kitchen. 4 trips and they were still so patient. I highly recommend this company and dont forget to take a drawer or tile in to help make your choice!"

– Kristin J.

"Sandra and her staff are phenomenal! They have a vast selection of marble, granite, and quartzite slabs to choose from. Stop in and take a won't be disappointed."

–Sean M.

Quartz Slabs in Burlington, Michigan Add a Touch of Distinction

Do you ever wonder why quartz, marble, granite, or quartzite slabs transform the look of whatever room they occupy? The answer is simple: beauty that comes from the scenic outdoors. Whether fabricated from natural stone particles, like quartzite, or all-natural stone like granite, quartz, or marble, slabs for Burlington, Michigan residents are transformative.

It bears repeating (just a little) that granite, quartz, marble, or quartzite slabs have many uses in a home or business office. Will it be complemented by hardwood cabinets or table legs or to accent a stone or brick fireplace? Whatever your taste, your stone supplier near Birmingham, Michigan can help you find the perfect stone slab.

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AP's standard delivery is from the Upper Peninsula to both Indiana and Ohio however we have taken material beyond these states for suppliers, fabricators and various clients.

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